0% Investiert


location_on Jalisco, Mexiko

FirmAuto es una compañía de financiamiento y Arrendameinto automotriz, con sede en Guadalajara, Jalisco, y con presencia a mayo del 2020 en seis estados de la República.

3.900.000 €


7.900 €

Minimum pro Investor

6% Investiert

BSV Enterprises


"A Christian Company engaged in giving livelihood & employment to people with a goal of empowering the community economically through sustainable livelihood programs; Already raised PHP 5mn; Offering tax-free income." Min. Invt. P20,000.00

530.000 €


890 €

Minimum pro Investor

61% Investiert

Euclideon Entertainment

location_on Queensland, Australien

Won largest award for worlds best hologram tech. Opened Hologram entertainment centre which made record profits. Numerous malls want us to open more. Head of Nokia US joined to lead USA expansion, Very Hi Tech, Very profitable. Dividends Quarterly

3.000.000 €


12.000 €

Minimum pro Investor

32% Investiert

Algo Global LTD

location_on Distrito Federal, Mexiko

Invierte desde $1000 usd y generamos rendimientos superiores a los del mercado con un bajo riesgo, 6% promedio mensual

990.000 €


990 €

Minimum pro Investor

10% Investiert

Cannabis Investment

location_on Kanada

Herba Farms is a hydroponic craft producer, farming the product to maximize our grow space. Received building/zoning permit & have begun construction. Website and social media platforms launched. Previously raised $2mm, Already raised $250k.

1.600.000 €


650 €

Minimum pro Investor

88% Investiert

Nocira Migraine Device

location_on South West, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Nocira migraine device: pain relief via gentle ear pressure changes = far more effective vs current drugs/devices, safe, consumer-friendly, easy/pleasant to use; 4 trials, 100+ patients; 150+yrs experienced leaders; major KOL champions; $8+M raised

8.000.000 €


8.800 €

Minimum pro Investor

0% Investiert

Metal Recycling Centers

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Scranton Holding Company; Consolidating four scrapyards on the Mesabi Iron Range to eliminate dual shipping costs; Purchased a 22-acre property with rail access; Combined team experience of over 230 yrs; Already raised $350K

8.800.000 €


13.000 €

Minimum pro Investor

0% Investiert

KJ Planning Co., Ltd.

location_on Japan

KJ Planning Ltd. : A very profitable business model with revenue source of commission fees on CFD brokerage trading & MT4 white-label platforms; profitable for the past 4 years+; previously raised US$8M from investors in Japan.

6.300.000 €


6.300 €

Minimum pro Investor

0% Investiert

P2R metal recovery Pvt

location_on Tamil Nadu, Indien

P2R Metals Recovery; recover and recycle needed metals from spent catalytic converters. Limited supply in the world, therefore the recycling is necessary. Question: Can these metals be recovered & recycled? Answer: P2R has the proven ability to do th...

3.500.000 €


2.900 €

Minimum pro Investor

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