Ultimate File Protection!


Kurze Zusammenfassung

Our objectives are the security and protection of personal data transmission & storage. Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility. Our IT Tools are designed to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms.


  • We have a fully working testable version of our software Alph@TaV Vault 1.3
  • We have a main website as well as another dedicated to our online tools
  • We have a Kick Starter campaign for our projects: http://kickstarter.ex0.ch
  • We offer free Alph@TaV Vault software licenses to all those who support us
  • Software licenses activation controlled by Hardware to fight against piracy
Zur Beachtung: Diese Projekte sind nur für Investoren geeignet, die sich der Risiken im Zusammenhang mit dieser Anlageform vollständig bewusst sind und diese auch tragen können.


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